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Be As You Are

A Kenny Chesney Fan Community

A Kenny Chesney Fan Community
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We, your mods, would like to welcome you to poets_n_pirates, a fan community for Kenny Chesney. For the fans the man, run by fans. All forms of artistic expression are welcomed here; icons, banners, color/love bars, headers, manips, etc. Also feel free to post pictures you yourself have taken (if you are lucky enough to have seen him in concert), news articles, and any discussion questions you have. We also will be sharing music, but we ask that if you request, you give something back in return. Thanks for visiting us at the beach!
~pnp mods

Rules can be found here, please read them before posting.

If you would like to be affiliated with us, please go here.

Comments, Questions, Concerns?
Contact a mod.
Erica (sylvanelfueen)
Ashley (abe16kidbosco)

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edited by: sylvanelfqueen

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